Footwear retailer, Shoe Zone, sees sales of Crocs increase by 606%

As the growing popularity of Crocs rises, a study from footwear retailer, Shoe Zone, has revealed that Crocs may actually be a socially acceptable look to now incorporate into your attire, after seeing a 606% increase in their sales of Crocs over the past year.

The research from Shoe Zone also looked into social listening data, to see what people are saying about Crocs on social media, and whether there is a negative, positive or neutral sentiment around the footwear.

Looking at overall mentions for Crocs on social, they’ve seen a 60% increase in positive mentions from 2019 to 2020. In 2019, negative mentions of Crocs took up 28% of all mentions, compared to 2020 where 18% were negative and over a quarter (28%) were actually of a positive sentiment.  

The fashion statement is also taking off on TikTok with #crocs having 1.3bn views. There’s also another hashtag dedicated to the foam clog lovers, #crocgang which has 60m views on TikTok.

Footwear retailer, Shoe Zone, have seen the most sales come from the light pink clog, accounting for over a quarter (26%) of their Croc sales in the last month.

Looking at other footwear choices that have previously been debated by society, socks and sandals are also seeing more positive mentions than negative, taking up over a quarter of the sentiment of posts around the topic. Over half of those discussing the look were actually neutral to it, with no strong opinion on whether the look is good or bad.

The findings further suggested that sentiment around socks and sandals have changed over the past year. From 2019 to 2020, there has been a decline in people discussing the trend negatively on social by almost a fifth (19%). They also appear to becoming a trend on social, with #socksandsandals having 19.5m views on TikTok.