Forest urges retailers to lobby MPs and MEPs on EU Tobacco Products Directive

The campaign against EU proposals to outlaw menthol cigarettes, prohibit 10-packs and ban smaller pouches of roll-your-own tobacco has moved up a gear, according to smokers’ lobby group, Forest.
It has upgraded its No Thank EU website so retailers and consumers can write direct to their elected representatives in Westminster and Brussels.
Simon Clark, director of Forest, said: “These proposals, if implemented, could have a devastating impact on retailers.
“Overnight, popular products that have been widely available for many years will be stripped from the shelves. The loss of revenue could be enormous.
“Have politicians learned nothing from history? Prohibition doesn’t work. Criminal gangs will fill the void by supplying similar or counterfeit products on the black market.
“To stop this madness we urge retailers to write to their elected representatives in Westminster and Brussels. 
“It’s very easy. Visit where we have drafted a letter. 
“It takes no more than a minute to enter your name and address and email the letter to your MP and MEPs. Do it today before it’s too late.”