Former Geordie Shore star, Vicky Pattison, teams up with Black Tower wine to host an Instagram Live chat


Last night, former Geordie Shore star and ex Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison teamed up with Black Tower wine to host a one-of-a- kind Instagram Live chat where she spilled the beans about her time in lockdown

and revealed her top tips on how she keeps herself happy and healthy, before answering questions from viewers.

During the Black Tower Opens Up with Vicky Pattison chat, the reality star spoke about the following topics:

1. Health and wellbeing – over lockdown, Vicky made sure she exercised regularly at home as she finds that this is great for both her physical and mental health. Exercise quickly became an essential part of Vicky’s routine as she took part in a range of online classes from HIIT to zero gravity pilates but warned fans to only do what they enjoy and not because other people are doing them as she lives by the motto: comparison is the thief of joy

2. Cooking– like everyone, Vickyi ndulged in the odd cheeky takeaway once they opened up again however she also loved experimenting in the kitchen after discovering a new passion for cooking on Celebrity MasterChef. Having all this extra time encouraged Vicky to push herself even further and get creative with new dishes.

3. Reading and listening – Vicky really enjoyed reading more books and watching old classics including Harry Potter (but joked that after the third movie it got quite dark!) and Netflix Originals: White Lines, Selling Sunset and Tiger King. On top of listening to podcasts as well as new music and found doing these things really relaxed her mind and allowed her to switch off from all the distractions going on in the world. She loved reading Beth O’Leary’s Flat Share and as a fellow Geordie, she found Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsey hilarious listening.

4. Reconnecting with friends – above all, Vicky’s favourite thing about the lockdown period was reconnecting with friends and family who she hadn’t spoken to in a while. Having time at home meant Vicky could catch up with

her nearest and dearest as her usual schedule rarely gives her the time to slow down and enjoy the moment with them. With FaceTime and Zoom, she found that she was able to speak to friends who lived in other parts of the world over a glass of wine.

5. Downtime – Vicky shared that there were times when watching telly and listening to the news felt quite overwhelming. Early on during lockdown she made sure she had time to herself without any distractions as well as enjoying snuggles on the sofa with her boyfriend, Ercan. To switch off, Vicky had a relaxing bath and she would also treat herself to a glass of Black Tower Rosé when she was relaxing in the garden or a yummy glass of Black Tower Smooth Red in the evenings before dinner.

Fans learned a thing or two about the reality star during the live chat as Vicky revealed that she feels too old to join TikTok and joked that most people do not have the time to post dancing videos on the popular social media channel. She also disappointed all hopeless romantics who tuned in as she announced that while she loved relaxing with her boyfriend Ercan in their shared Essex home during lockdown, there are no wedding bells right now and no plans to start a family after spending time with her baby niece, Mavie. Viewers also discovered that the fruity white is Vicky’s favourite tipple from the Black Tower wine range, available in limited-edition Winter Sleeves.

If you missed the livestream on Instagram Live then fear not, you can catch up over on Black Tower’s IGTV now.

Following the Instagram Live, Vicky Pattison commented: “Lockdown has been hard for everyone and with winter nights in on the horizon, it was great to be able to reach out to my fans directly over a glass of wine on Instagram Live with my exclusive top tips on how to keep busy and stay happy. I am a lucky bug to have Ercan in my life, but not everyone has company so if I helped anyone out there – I’m delighted.”

Esther Schumacher, brand manager of Black Tower wine, said: “Vicky Pattison is famous for her ‘open’ character, so we’re delighted to have partnered with her to encourage groups of friends to open up together. Whether you are inviting friends over for a catch up or having an evening on Zoom, pour yourself a glass of Black Tower wine and try out Vicky’s top tips. Each Black Tower wine can be served cold or lightly chilled for the most refreshing glass to satisfy your taste buds, whether enjoying on its own or with your favourite foods.”

The UK’s number one wine brand from Germany, Black Tower’s Fruity White, Rosé and Smooth Red wines are available at ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s with bottles priced at £5 nationwide.