Former Kiddicare chief launches investment programme for digital start-ups

Digital entrepreneurs and innovators have the chance to make their technology dreams a reality thanks to the launch of Haatch, an investment proposition and digital hub backed by one of the biggest names in retail.

Scott Weavers-Wright, the man behind Kiddicare which was sold to Morrisons for £70m in 2011, is leading his team of business and technology experts who are looking to put their capital investment and guidance into the latest wave of ambitious digital start-ups globally.

Recognising the lack of support digital start-ups often receive, Haatch labels its investments, ‘Smart Money’, with chosen innovators receiving the practical help, guidance and expertise they need to succeed alongside the required capital investment.

As well as individual investments, Haatch will build a £1.5m ‘digital incubator hub’ in Stamford which will give start-ups the practical perks they need, as well as the creative energy and inspiration that comes from working with like-minded entrepreneurs and onsite experts.

Scott said: “We want to bring something unique to the UK’s business investment landscape and give promising young start-ups a real opportunity to grow fast whilst enhancing their commercial knowledge rather than investing in them and sitting quietly.

“We’re all passionate business & technology professionals and whilst we won’t ever run the businesses we invest in, we’ll provide our knowledge and expertise to help them succeed.”

Already working with a number of promising start-ups, Haatch’s investments to date include Marvel App, which offers free and easy prototyping to everyone without the need for code. The app allows the creation of interactive prototypes from images and PSD’s saved on dropbox which updates in real time. Created by three designers and developers Haatch invested in the app which has over 12,000 users already with features being constantly developed and updated.

Its most recent investment is Iterate Studio Based in New York, Denver and Silicon Valley. Iterate Studio discovers and curates disruptive technologies from start-ups around the world for an exclusive Member-group of non-competing retailers and media companies and then conducts rapid proof-of-concept experiments to quantify the impact on business.

Investing in the project, Haatch is looking forward to the opportunities working with a US start-up will bring to both sides of the pond.

Haatch is keen to hear from entrepreneurs or innovators that think they have an innovation it should be interested in. email or tweet @haatch to start the conversation.