Former OpenText CEO joins board of m-commerce payments platform, paythru

M-commerce payments platform provider, paythru (, has appointed John Shackleton to its board of directors. With a career spanning over 30 years in software and services management, Shackleton’s appointment will further enhance paythru’s ability to deliver innovative, universal and secure mobile payment solutions to merchants and consumers across the globe, the company said.

Shackleton specialises in taking multi-million dollar companies and turning them into billion dollar companies. As CEO and president of OpenText he grew the company revenues from $60 million to $1.2bn and increased the stock price from $6 to over $60. Shackleton also made a significant contribution during his tenure as vice president of professional services for the Central US and South America at Sybase.

In addition to his roles at OpenText and Sybase, Shackleton was vice president of professional services at Oracle, president of the Platinum Solutions Division of Platinum Technologies from July 1996 to July 1998, vice president of worldwide consulting at View Star Corporation and during the last five years served as director of BioWisdom Ltd.

“Mobile payments is a hot space,” said Shackleton. “But just being there isn’t a guarantee of success. The winners will focus on providing the best customer experience and, in the case of mobile payments that means minimal disruption to the consumers’ behaviour. Paythru get that. Most products that are currently available in the m-commerce market are, quite frankly, annoying from a user perspective. Often they tie people into one operator, limit the geography and enforce payment caps. Paythru is ubiquitous and secure, allowing the customer to use it how they want to, and can be used for any payment value, which is key to moving m-commerce forward. This is why I have selected paythru as a company that I want to invest in and contribute as a director.”

From his experience in Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Process Management (BPM), Shackleton sees mobile payments as a natural evolution. “Currently you can find your nearest restaurant, look at the menu, contact them and even order using your mobile phone,” he said. “It makes sense therefore that you should also be able to pay, and I don’t mean by tapping your phone in the restaurant, I mean by being truly mobile and not having to rely on the customer being present.”

“We feel privileged that John has singled paythru out as a company he would like to invest in and work with,” said Keith Brown, co-founder and managing director for paythru. ”We are now at the tipping point of mainstream m-commerce. There is potential for huge growth in this market, and as a member of the board, John will use his vast experience to help the management team maintain its focus on customer usability while managing the company’s rapid growth. John will also be able to leverage his experience in Central and Latin America to help us build our presence there.”