Fortnum & Mason to stock Purely plantain snacks


If there’s one thing we know for sure at the beginning of 2019 is that healthier living is here to stay.  We live in an age where a product’s ingredient decks and nutritional prowess is being scrutinized like never before, whilst foodies scour for new planet friendly, clean deck cuisine that looks beyond well-worn/samey eating solutions.

This January sees Fortnum & Mason the trusted springboard for so many cutting edge/health conscious brands become the latest Purely stockist in a growing pro plantain movement, joining Planet Organic, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, As Nature Intended and a rapidly escalating independent estate (delis, online, cafes, farm shops and healthy leaning wholesalers) – with major retailer/foodservice listings to follow!

According to Purely co-founder, Stefania Pellegrino: “Whilst our discerning London estate provides robust reassurance that our vegan friendly range won’t ever compromise great taste in its quest to produce a low-in-sugar treat with a 30% lower fat footprint than traditional potato crisps, 2019 priorities include taking this incredible South American tradition into the everyday treat fixtures of forward-thinking supermarkets, gyms, garage forecourts, bars, airlines and more enlightened foodservice operations.”

At Purely we believe it’s high time plantain, the unassuming cousin of fruit bowl stalwart, the highly energized banana made its move into guilt-free snacking arena. Plantain is an all-natural vegan friendly/gluten free nibble that provides the perfect setting for other flavours to prosper (wild garlic, spices or simply a light smattering of salt).

Brimming with beneficial fibre, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A/B6, plantain is a snack that simply refuses to be typecast as either too indulgent or unduly healthy because ‘great taste’ is the only true barometer by which Purely snacks wish to be judged.

Purely uses only sustainably farmed plantain from Ecuador, ideally suited to health conscious types looking for ground-breaking bites with a better-for-you outlook.