Four fifths of mums shop online once or twice a month, new survey reveals

More than 80% of mums are shopping online for themselves or their children at least once or twice a month – with 16% doing so once a week or more, according to a survey of 1,000 mums by flash sales website Casabu, in association with Mumsnet.

They are also making use of technology, including smart phones, tablet computers and work PCs, to ensure they do not miss out on a bargain.

More than half (52%) always compare prices when they shop online, with 86% admitting they like to “feel they are getting a bargain” when they buy, said researchers.

In these price-conscious times, mums are looking to keep their outlay on items such as children’s jeans and T-shirts to the absolute minimum, the study found. Some 66% want to spend less than £10 on a T-shirt while 98% would spend less than £20. Almost half (49%) would spend less than £10 on children’s jeans and 94% would pay no more than £20.

Even on their children’s birthday presents, mums are looking to keep costs down with 69% saying they would spend less than £50 and 46% less than £40.

A quarter of mums surveyed (26%) said they had spent between £100 and £200 on items such as clothes, toys and books for their children during the past month, while a further 32% had spent between £50 and £99.

The survey revealed 16% of mums shop online once a week or more often for their children or themselves, a further 25% shop once or twice a fortnight and another 40% at least once or twice a month.

Mums are making use of all of the modern technology at their disposal with 94% shopping online from their home PC or laptop, 44% using their smart phone or mobile, 31% using tablet computers and 26% their work PC or laptop, researchers found.

Some 78% of mums said they would definitely or quite likely buy children’s clothes online in the next month, 76% would treat their child to a new toy, while 69% would buy for a children’s birthday party.

Rachel Oxburgh, CEO of Casabu, said: “This research confirms mums are looking for great deals on exciting brands and they will make use of the full range of technology available to ensure they don’t miss out.

“Flash sales on sites like Casabu will often start at 8am which means mums on the school run might be packing their child’s lunchbox with one hand while snapping up a bargain with their smartphone in their other hand.

“Mums still want to dress their children and themselves in quality brands, but economic necessity means they want to find great deals. For example, rather than spending £50 on a pair of designer jeans for their daughter almost half of mums surveyed are looking to spend less than £10.”