Four-stop shop: average Brit has four ‘shoppable’ devices in their home

 The average Brit has four ‘shoppable devices’ in their home – with over a third of people (36%) regularly relying on online stores – according to new research from customer engagement specialist Emarsys.

This flexibility has led to many consumers indulging some unusual shopping locations, with the study of 2,000 UK consumers finding that 50% of British consumers have shopped on their mobile phone while in bed. 29% have shopped on their mobile phone at the dinner table, while almost one in five (16%) have browsed while in a work meeting, and a further 16% while at the gym.

Another quarter (27%) have shopped on their mobile phone while queueing in a physical store – talk about In-shop-tion!

Shopping on social media platforms is also popular with consumers: 23% shopping on Facebook and 15% using Instagram.

“Today’s consumers are far from being constrained to physical stores – we’re lucky enough to be able to shop from practically anywhere,” commented Joanna Milliken, CEO, Emarsys. “Consumers are more confident than ever in navigating the ecommerce world, and they’re evolving as a result of the options available to them.

“Brands need to be able to meet them with engaging, personalised interactions, wherever and whenever they choose to shop. Without the 360-degree view of a customer that comes from centralising your customer data, and using that to inform engagement across every channel, it’s extremely difficult to truly get to know customers as individuals.”

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