Fourfold increase in number of customers leaving feedback, new survey finds


Data capture company, Customer First Solutions (CFS), has recorded a fourfold increase in customers leaving feedback in response to customer satisfaction surveys over the past three years.

CFS said it had recorded a sharp rise in customers engaging with in-store feedback devices since the UK high street started to experience a downturn in profits back in 2009.

Retailers generating nearly 1.3m responses a year three years ago, now achieve over 6.8 million per year in a like-for-like comparison. This equates to one response every 4.6 seconds, said CFS.

Despite a challenging economic climate, CFS says these surprising statistics show  businesses are recognising the increasing importance of listening and responding to their customers’ views. 

CFS also praised the technological advancements that make it easier for the customer to respond to customer surveys, and for the retailers to analyse and act upon the data they collect.

Managing director of CFS, Helen Pearson, said: “Unlike traditional paper surveys, in-store devices in particular allow for a range of five critical questions to be answered in between 15-20 seconds, meaning customers are more inclined to have their say.

“Often the smallest changes can make all the difference to the in-store experience and it is these improvements that can ensure customer loyalty. Technological developments in online reporting systems allow staff to monitoring satisfaction down to the day, hour or even minute, and this makes it easier to identify problem areas and resolve them.

“While many businesses are finding budgets tightening, it is promising to see many firms are making customer enagement and satisfaction a top priority.

“We firmly believe this trend will only continue, with more companies looking to their customers to find ways to improve, and recognising the impact this can make to their bottom line.”