Freaks of Nature doubles plant-based Christmas Pud production

West Yorkshire-based plant food manufacturer Freaks of Nature is delighted with the uptake of its vegan and allergen free Christmas pudding. In the last 10 weeks the company has had to gear up its production capacity adding an additional two shifts per day in order to meet the marked increase in orders.

Paul Downing, sales director at Freaks of Nature, explains: “We are producing twice the quantity of Christmas puddings this year which is absolutely fantastic. We had a very positive response from the food service sector when we launched last year with RBH for example taking our puds for 45 of their hotels across the UK.

“With consumer demand for plant-based foods really taking off in 2019 we were expecting to have to ramp up production but the actual demand has been even better than we expected. We have seen a solid rise in uptake across all of our food service products and the feedback we are getting from our distributor Vegetarian Express confirms that momentum is definitely gathering.

“Customers tell us that our desserts are making life in the kitchen much simpler as they can now offer a traditional Christmas pud suitable for both vegans and vegetarians that is free from 14 of the most recognised food allergens which is really tasty and indulgent. In fact in many places our puds are taking over. Instead of having to stock and carefully store a selection of the same dessert for different dietary needs just ours are being served and guests say they can’t tell the difference.”

Freaks of Nature’s vegan and gluten free Christmas puddings come in 100g portions, cases of 30 or 60 and can be supplied frozen. The ingredients are: Sultanas (13%), Raisins (13%), Coconut Sugar, Gluten Free Flour Mix (Tapioca, Rice & Pea Flour), Dates, Water, Cranberries (5%), Mixed Fruit Peel (5%), Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Orange Juice, Flaxseed, Apple Extract, Lemon Juice, Baking Powder, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ginger, Salt.