French Government launches online platform to tackle critical COVID-19 shortages in hospitals


To assist the French Government and healthcare personnel in their fight against the Coronavirus, Mirakl, a French company and the leading marketplace solutions provider, launched the marketplace. Working in collaboration with the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, the Mirakl-powered marketplace will solve the shortage of essential products and materials in hospitals. 

What you need to know:
Mirakl and the French government have joined forces to create a platform that brings together essential commodities. 
It opened on Monday to health professionals and public institutions. 
This platform provides solutions to three major problems:
  • It resolves the shortage of essential products and materials 
  • It provides a secure platform
  • It centralizes the supply and demand of essential commodities for professionals

This online platform  will help facilitate communication between manufacturers, distributors and subcontractors and make protective items, which are vital in the fight against COVID-19, available to health professionals and public institutions.

Several French industrialists working in the detergent, chemical and cosmetic industries have begun manufacturing large amounts of hydroalcoholic gel (thousands of litres per day). This marketplace will allow the organization of the distribution chain by facilitating and streamlining the communication between producers (of raw materials), subcontractors (packaging manufacturers) as well as buyers (hospitals and clinics).  For now, the platform is focused on hydroalcoholic gel. In the near future, it will offer other essential items such as masks, gloves and gowns to protect healthcare workers from contracting the disease and allow them to better assist their patients.

Philippe Corrot, the CEO of Mirakl, stated: “As a high-tech company, we examined all possibilities of how we could put our expertise to use to combat this unprecedented crisis. At Mirakl, we feel very lucky to be able to help French doctors and healthcare workers. We are committed to providing assistance to our fellow French and European citizens during this very difficult time. The goal behind this marketplace, which we set up in 48 hours, is to organize the value chain that has been implemented to respond to this crisis. The Mirakl teams have been working tirelessly to ensure that all product references are duly listed from the sectors committed to help cope with this situation.” 

Mirakl wants to thank all of the manufacturers and distributors who have spontaneously set up production lines to ensure that hydroalcoholic gel is safely supplied and distributed throughout France.