Friends, frugality, and old favourites – shoppers hoping to spend less but find more meaning this Christmas and they want TV ads to reflect that, Kantar reports

Data from Kantar shows consumers are over twice as likely to think Christmas is more important this year than usually.

But that doesn’t mean it will be all pomp and ceremony: over a quarter of people are planning to spend less this year than last, compared to only 16% looking to spend more. That suggests that people may embrace more of the traditional meanings of Christmas.

This year’s Christmas ads will need to be sensitive to that and lean into some of the more earnest aspects of the festive season. While half of us say we love them and so marketers have a willing audience, 42% of consumers also think that Christmas ads can be cheesy, including nearly half of men and 51% of over-65s.  

Timing is key too if brands and businesses want to get a share of the shrinking Christmas wallet – 63% of people said that they think Christmas ads appear too early. However, 37% of people reported that they have already started festive shopping – so it is a fine line between going too soon and missing the window. 

With reports of fuel and stock shortages in the papers, turkeys and car fuel are the items which most people are worried about being available in the lead up to the big day. Younger people and those with young children are the most likely to be concerned about making the day a success, a quarter of 16–34-year-olds are actively worried about Christmas, compared to just 4% of over-55s.