From farm to fabric at Clerkenwell Design Week


Camira Fabrics

Camira will be showing Blazer at Clerkenwell Design Week 22-24 May, 2018 through a conceptual installation in our showroom, and telling the story of how this beautiful fabric is made starting with the wool fibre from sheep through to the finished product, with real lambs on site too!

Our Blazer fabric has been recharged with a revived palette of 50 colours. The raw wool fibre used for Blazer is spun, woven, milled, dyed and finished.

With a global palette of clean, bright and fresh tones and maintaining a mix of mélange and solid shades, Blazer has been refined with the injection of 14 new colourways. The new palette has a bold, fun and vibrant feel, with warmer neutrals added alongside the pop of brighter tones.

Come and try your hand at weaving with our hand loom throughout the week, we hope to see you there.