From Normandy to London – new premium spirit arrives in the UK


From mid-week sundowners to Sunday afternoon sips, the new tipple on everyone’s lips is 30&40 – an artisanal, independent Calvados bottler from Normandy. This new arrival to the UK is created with all-natural ingredients bearing the qualities of a premium tasting spirit whilst being delectably drinkable and accessible – perfect for every drinking occasion.

New premium spirit

Conceived after an enlightening trip to Normandy in 2013, a region renowned for the traditional production of high-quality Calvados, a trio of friends – Aymeric Dutheil, Vincent Béjot and Thibault Patte – wanted to develop an innovative range of spirits that celebrate the traditions of Normandy. Whilst building on the rich heritage of Calvados, 30&40 is fresh and exciting, offering something different in the industry. In 2015, 30&40 was born out of passion for the product, with each of the three founders bringing experience from very different careers – Aymeric in graphic design, Vincent in music distribution and Thibault from the world of industrial design.

30&40’s range of six unique products (three single casks, three blended spirits) offers a modern expression of centuries-old traditions of distillation and ageing. It celebrates rigorous craftsmanship whilst shining a light on Calvados to a brand new audience as an ultimate tasting spirit. The complex and sophisticated single casks are on par with the best single malt whiskies – leading the charge within the Calvados category. The blended spirits can either be served on ice or as a premium mixer within a cocktail. The 30&40 range includes:

Double Jus – 30&40’s first and signature product, a blend of natural ingredients: Calvados A.O.C., fresh apple juice and a nip of Belize Rum to enhance the fruit flavours, a technique dating back to when Le Havre was Europes biggest harbour importing rum. The colour is golden red with a copper-like glimmer and the finish is exceptionally long, rounded with notes of vanilla and a natural apple bitterness.

Eau-de-vie de Cidre de Normandiea blend of two eau-de-vie (distilled cider), which results in a delicate, supple taste – to be served as a digestif or in a cocktail with notes of plum and cherry and a crystal clear colour.

Three Single Casks – a young, 3-year Calvados with mineral and smoky notes, reminiscent of wild agave Mezcals or coastal Highland single malts; a delicate and bright 15-year Garnier House Calvados, surprisingly light and spiced with an intense golden hue; and a 25-year Michel Huard vintage (1993) aged traditionally in long Norman barrels with an amber colour and flavours of almond, liquorice, peach and clementine.

Calvados Extra Old – a blend created with Calvados aged from 10 to 27 years in French oak barrels, sourced from the cellars of three esteemedCalvados houses across Normandy. Intense gold with an almost tropical array of flavours, mango, orange nutmeg.

30&40 is available in retailers such as Soho Wine Supply, The Whisky Exchange and Gerrys Wines & Spirits. Also on the bar menu at esteemed hotels and restaurants in London including Artesian at The Langham, Core by Clare Smyth, Beaufort Bar  at The Savoy, Blacklock, Frenchie, and Coupette.