From yoga mats and Wendy houses to corned beef: what online shoppers have been buying during lockdown


While online shopping has been booming during the lockdown, new data reveals the top ten products that Brits have been splurging on since late March – and some of the best sellers are rather unusual. 

While beauty products and garden furniture might be expected to feature on a list of the most common online lockdowns purchases, especially with the recent heatwave, some of the stranger best sellers might surprise – including knee pads, children’s Wendy houses and corned beef.

The data was compiled by Brightpearl – a retail operations solution – which looked at the top selling products bought online from across 2,000 UK retail stores since lockdown began.

Transactions at some online UK retailers are now at 180 per cent of their seasonal average, according to Brightpearl’s data, a testament to the e-commerce boom during lockdown. 

Since lockdown 39% of Brits have also bought products online that they had not considered before, such as pet food, clippers, alcohol and, evidently, corned beef., which sells hair and beauty equipment, has seen orders increase 650% on its seasonal average as Brits invest in dye, clippers and scissors for their own DIY Hairdos and maintenance. Rupert Hughes from the brand, says: “Demand has been simply astonishing. In many cases, products where we thought we had a year’s worth of stock sold out in just a couple of weeks.”

Nick Shaw, a Brightpearl spokesperson, said: “Lockdown has been an odd time for the UK population, readjusting work days and daily commutes from the bedroom to the study. Initially we were in a phase of stockpiling madness buying toilet paper and pasta online, but shopping habits are now broadly reflecting our lifestyle, hobbies and environment – but it’s interesting that we’re also becoming much more experimental, ordering items online that we may never have tried before.

“The lockdown has pushed Brits online and this creates a huge opportunity for smaller businesses, especially those in growing sectors, but in order to fully capitalize they’ll need to ensure their entire retail operation is fit for purpose as the world returns to normality or they may struggle to retain those customers.”

The UK’s top 10 online purchases since lockdown

  1. Parasol – available at
  1. Wendy House – available at
  1. Jam Jars – available at Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens 
  1. Apple AirPods – available at
  1. Yoga Mats – available at
  1. Power tools – available at
  1. Beauty face masks – available at
  1. Raspberry flavoured Vape – available at
  1. Corned Beef –  available at
  1.  Knee Pads – available at