Frooly launches online local marketplace for independent retailers


Frooly, an online marketplace for local and independent retailers to set up their own online stores free of charge, launches today.

It aims to provide independent retailers with an online space to reach their local communities on a city by city basis.

During a pilot period, frooly reports it added more than 1,000 stores to its online roster across the UK, attracted 25,000 unique users a month, and achieved an average value of £27.00 per transaction.

Frooly said it intends to become the first destination for those who want to stay local and shop local.

The site is claimed to be quick and easy to use, and allows the best independent traders to instantly reach a responsive, engaged local audience.

According to the company, it aims to make life for independent traders as hassle-free as possible.

Founded in Sheffield, by Michael Ord and Gemma Baldan, frooly has expanded city by city and now reaches out to retailers nationwide. In recent weeks the company reports frooly has doubled sales figures for its online stores as the company goes from strength to strength.

Ord said: “We’re delighted about coming out of beta and finally going live. It’s been a lot of hard work and effort but it’s definitely worth it and we hope we can do something for local industries that hasn’t been done before.

“We want to provide local retailers with the best possible platform to launch their business and reach their public as easily and efficiently as possible. Right now we have nearly 1,100 online stores and we’re looking to increase that number to at least 10,000 by October.”