Frozen food demonstrates resilience in the face of volatile retail market

The frozen retail market has again demonstrated resilience in the face of a volatile retail industry with continue positive growth.

The latest retail figures from Kantar Worldpanel, which look at the 52 weeks to 29 March 2015, show that the frozen retail market has again grown in value by 0.5% year on year (yoy) to a value of nearly £5.8bn.

The stand out success this quarter has been the frozen pizza category which has seen a 6.3% volume and 5.5% value growth yoy. This impressive growth is likely due to a variety of factors including a growth in recognition of the quality and convenience of frozen pizzas.

Frozen ready meals have also seen an impressive return to growth with a 2.1% volume and 0.8% value increase yoy at a time when much of the retail market has remained flat.

Brian Young, chief executive of British Frozen Food Federatio, said: “We’re currently living in a period of real uncertainty for the retail industry with the big four continuing to suffer at the hands of changing shopping habits and the increasing popularity of discounters. In light of this, to see such positive results in frozen food is encouraging yet also unsurprising.”

Other success stories have been ice cream, frozen confectionary and frozen potato products which have all seen positive volume growth yoy as the quality of frozen products continues to shine through.

Young said: “We’re increasingly seeing consumers start to recognise the benefits as well as the quality of frozen food which is reflected in positive growth in several sectors of the industry. It is essential that the industry continues to push quality NPD to ensure these trends continue.”