Fruittella launches Grab & Go sachets


Grab & Go sachets

Fruittella has added a new handy grab & go sachet option to its successful range of less sugar and sugar free products, perfect for quick purchases on the go. Available now.

The new single offering sachets, which are just 99 calories per pack, appeal to the health-conscious shopper, offering a sweet treat that delivers all the flavour, but less sugar, and fits in with the NHS Change4Life snack recommendation.

Available in two of Fruittella’s best-selling flavours – Strawberry and Summer Fruits – each sachet holds seven mouth-wateringly juicy chews, containing 30% less sugar and even more fruit juice per portion. Thanks to their handy size and vibrant packaging, the sachets are designed to catch the shopper’s eye wherever they are placed in store.

With 73% of sugar free and reduced sugar sales incremental to the confectionery category, the brand is building on the success of its range, increasing the choice of products to ensure broadened audience appeal and boosted sales for retailers.

Matthew Navier, Fruittella brand manager, said: “Our new Fruittella sachets are a must-stock, as they present an easy choice for shoppers looking to indulge their snack habit whilst keeping their calorie intake down. With each pack being under 100 calories, they are also compliant with Public Health England guidelines, which are top of mind with each addition to our sugar free and reduced sugar range.”