Frylight launches new digital marketing campaign

Frylight, the original one-calorie spray oil and UK number one oil brand from Saputo Dairy UK, announces a brand new digital marketing campaign, to build brand awareness and encourage the trial of spray oils amongst its target ‘healthy hackers’ audience.

A departure from previous brand activation which has centred on dieters, the ‘Get Food Going’ campaign talks to the growing audience of consumers who are seeking better balance in their diet, looking for simple swaps or ‘health hacks’ they can make to cut down on unnecessary calories, without compromising on their food choices or following a restrictive diet.

The campaign aims to show how fun, versatile and convenient cooking with Frylight can be, with at least 30% fewer calories and 30% less fat than regular oils, and to challenge engrained consumer behaviour which so often sees people reach automatically for pouring oil when prepping their meals.

Lea Zobernig, Frylight brand manager at Saputo Dairy UK, explains: “As consumers we’ve been ‘programmed to pour’. In the UK, pouring oils are used by 90% of households and for many, are a default cooking behaviour which can add hidden calories to meals. We believe there is significant he

“As the UK’s original 1 calorie spray oil and clear market leader, Frylight is perfectly placed to lead this change and with health top of mind for many as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the time is ripe. Our new Frylight creative platform seeks to disrupt this autopilot behaviour and put spray oils, and Frylight, firmly on consumers’ radars.”

Initially running from 21st February through to 1st May 2022 across paid social and online video channels, the campaign will be manifested through a series of fun, eye catching animated videos in which food ingredients are brought to life with the help of Frylight. Each creative will showcase how just a few sprays of Frylight can be the catalyst to a range of easy to make and great tasting meals, and with one calorie per spray, help to support a healthier lifestyle.

Kicking off with a pancake themed animation in celebration of Pancake Day (which took place this year on Tuesday 1st March), the campaign launch was timed to support Frylight’s biggest annual sales peak.

Zobernig continues: “The top selling occasion of the year for Frylight and a key opportunity for us to encourage new shoppers to trial our range of spray oils, Pancake Day offers the ideal timing to launch our new campaign. We’re incredibly proud of the work of our creative agency partners in developing this campaign and are confident the disruptive animations will stop the scroll and engage consumers, encouraging them to give Frylight a try!” 

Anticipated to achieve 37 million impressions and reach over 4 million consumers across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, the digital marketing campaign will also be supported with shopper marketing activity in Morrisons, Iceland, Asda, Sainsburys and Ocado to drive consideration at point of purchase.

Since 2015, Frylight is the best-selling oil brand in the UK, boasting sales of 16.6m units per year, the equivalent to one bottle sold every two seconds, and is undisputed leader within the spray oils sector, holding 70% volume share. The brand has a retail sales value of £27.2m and is bought by more than one in five UK households.