FUEL10K launches a new range of larger 70g Porridge Pots


FUEL10K launches a new range of larger 70g Porridge Pots, reformulated with increased protein and less sugar.  The pots are better value for consumers, offering 10g more than the previous 60g pot, at the same price of 97p-£1.00.

On 13 January, ASDA introduced all six flavours of across all of its stores with Morrisons, Co-op and Ocado to follow shortly.

The flavours are: Golden Syrup, Original, Forest Fruits, Honey Nut & Raisin, Chocolate or Apple & Cinnamon.  To serve, simply add boiling water to the pot and fill to the line. Let it sit for two minutes with the lid on and enjoy.

Barney Mauleverer, co-founder of FUEL10K, says: “These pots represent great value. Having panelled our consumers, who tend to be a younger demographic than those buying other porridge brands, it was clear that they were wanting a bigger serving. We are delivering this with no extra cost in a bid to drive further incremental sales. The retail industry is full of ‘shrinkification’ where they charge the same price for less. And as far as I’ve seen, we’re the only brand doing the opposite.  We’re all about building value for the consumer.

“We’ve whacked in over 12g of protein – plus heaps of fibre – into each one of the handy 70g pots. Across the range, we’ve cut sugar by between 6% and 70%, whilst upping the protein by up to 10%. Customers can grab the high protein breakfast, on the go, wherever they are. It also plays into the hands for those who want the same ease and convenience at home,” adds Barney

“We are seeing that the protein trend is normalising. There is growing acceptance of protein as a more everyday ingredient compared to when we first launched, when the assumption was that it was all about muscle building. And there’s no better time to have protein than after an eight-hour sleep. The FUEL10K line up has expanded from 11 to 20 products since 2015, four of which were launched in the last quarter of 2016; and we now account for nearly half of the 42 protein breakfast products on the market.”

The FUEL10K brand has grown 35%+ year on year to December, with porridge being a favourite food for active people with its perfect slow energy release. In addition to the new Porridge Pots, the range of protein-boosted breakfasts include Quark with Fruit, Liquid Breakfast drinks, Ready to eat Granolas, Wheat Biscuits and Multigrain Flakes.

To support its expanding range, FUEL10K is introducing the brand to new consumers through taste tests and trials; all supported by collaborative promotional activities with retailers. The company aims to reach the 16 million active consumers who play sport at least once a week (source: Sport England 2016) and to encourage more people to get active. A major part of this is a greater presence at Tough Mudder throughout 2017, with events up and down the country – activating where the brand’s consumers tend to hang out.  The brand is also the official breakfast to other events including The Human Race Triathlon and The Strathpuffer endurance cycle race around Lock Ness.

FUEL10K has also beefed-up its on-the-street team to help ensure supermarkets and stores can maximise the opportunities of protein-boosted and on-the-go breakfast trends.

Summary of changes:

Across the range, sugar has been cut by between 6% and 70%, and protein increased by up to 10%:

  • Original: Sugar was 27g and is now 8.2g per 100g (70% reduction in total sugar) / Protein was 19.2g and is now 21.3g per 100g
  • Golden Syrup: Sugar was 27.2g and is now 22.1g per 100g (19% reduction in total sugar) / Protein was 19.2g and is now 19.1g per 100g
  • Apple & Cinnamon: Sugar was 28.2g and is now 22.9g per 100g (19% reduction in total sugar) / Protein was 19.2g and is now 19.5g per 100g
  • Forest Fruit: Sugar was 27.5g per 100g and is now 22.5g (18% reduction in total sugar) / Protein was 19.0g and is now 19.5g per 100g
  • Chocolate: Sugar was 27.5g and is now 25.2g (8% reduction in total sugar) / Protein was 19.2g and is now 20g per 100g
  • Honey Nut & Raisin: Sugar was 27g and is now 25.5g (6% reduction in total sugar) / Protein was 19.3g and is now 19.6g per 100g.