Fujitsu opens connected Retail Experience Centre in Dublin


Fujitsu today announces the opening of a Connected Retail Experience Centre in Dublin, Ireland. The centre is focused on enabling retail and hospitality customers to increase in-store productivity, improve customer experiences and expand customer bases while reducing costs. A live showcase of 13 innovative technologies invites retailers and hospitality providers to explore ways of staying ahead of the competition by exploring future possibilities for brick-and-mortar stores.

With competition for customers at an all-time high, and omni-channel shopping opportunities available to consumers, retailers today must continually innovate and optimise to stay ahead of the market. Customers are becoming less loyal to individual stores and undertaking more research online before making a purchasing decision. Consequently, retailers are under pressure to deliver seamless customer experiences across all interactions and create on and offline shopping environments that are both enjoyable and beneficial for shoppers and profitable for retailers.

Fujitsu’s Connected Retail Experience Centre – open by appointment to retailers and hospitality providers – showcases omni-channel solutions that offer new ways to serve customers, by optimising everything from product placement, customer tracking, analytics, online purchasing and support.

Located at the Fujitsu Ireland offices in Dublin, the centre demonstrates 13 technology solutions that span the end-to-end retail experience, including all-in-one point of services devices, connected fitting rooms, audience detection and measurement tools, plus the use of Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometric technology to control and track employee access to systems. Fujitsu chose to locate its Connected Retail Experience Centre in Dublin due to the depth and breadth of Fujitsu Ireland’s expertise in retail solutions.

Richard Clarke, executive director, global retail at Fujitsu comments: “This is an exciting time to be in the retail industry, but also a challenging one. To help retailers stay in tune with consumers’ ever-increasing demands, we are providing a wide range of highly innovative technology solutions. These are designed to help improve the end customer experience across all channels. In addition, we are able to optimise the shopping experience by applying analytics, providing retailers with real-time insights into shoppers’ purchasing patterns and in-store behaviour. The new centre brings Fujitsu’s value proposition to life – showcasing real solutions and services in a realistic retail environment. We are enabling retailers to explore a broad portfolio of customer-facing and back-end solutions that will enable them to save cost and to deliver a great customer experience, both online and or offline. This all comes with the support of new digital applications, in-store technology and reliable managed services.”

Hands-on demonstrations at the experience centre include Fujitsu’s TP8 all in one point of sale, a single platform supporting multiple in-store touch points to provide retailers with fast, easy customer transactions while helping reduce cost. Also showcased are integrated audience measurement analytics and reporting systems that capture audience characteristics in real time to tailor offerings, while helping boost in-store sales by providing insights into the levels of audience engagement. Visitors can also test facial recognition technology to send targeted advertising to visitors’ mobile devices while they are in-store.