Fun Australian stationery brand, Smiggle, plans 250-store chain and launches new back to school range


Australian stationery brand, Smiggle, is targeting a chain of 250 UK stores over the next five years and launching a new back to school range.

The Melbourne-based brand operates 26 UK branches and has committed to opening up to 40 stores by the end of 2015 and a further 40 stores in calendar year 2016. Up to 10 jobs are created at each new store,

Smiggle managing director John Cheston said: “The response to our brand from UK fans has been phenomenal. We are committed to expanding our stores in the UK to meet the huge demand from our customers across the country who all want to be close to our quirky and colourful range of goodies.

“With every store we open we are able to put smiles on the faces of thousands of young fans, as well as creating jobs. We are delighted that Smiggle-mania is spreading across the UK.”

As well as its UK stores, Smiggle also currently operates over 185 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. As part of Smiggle’s celebrations to mark its first birthday in the UK it launched an online store to give customers 24/7 accessibility to the brand:

Smiggle’s new Back to School collection is guaranteed to be the talk of the playground and the must have accessory, the company claims.

It includes a range of fashion-forward bags and satchels plus barrel and duffel bags, available in bright purple, pink, black and blue.

Themed pencil cases feature hard-top bubble cases and roll up designs. New pens include coloured ball point pens, fountain pens,  gel sticks, rainbow clicker pens and pens shaped like drumsticks .

Quirky gizmos and gadgets include the Wizz Bang Stapler, complete with see-through case so the machinery is on show, and electric sharpeners and erasers in a range of colours and designs.

There’s also a selection of Smiggle-style erasers shaped like traditional milk cartons, cookies and ice creams.