Functional food and drink category leader, MOJU, launches plant-based prebiotic shot

Leading functional food and drink brand, MOJU, has launched a new Prebiotic Shot. Available to customers in a 500ml Dosing Bottle™ the new prebiotic has been designed to be shot daily, and expertly formulated to support immune and digestive health by encouraging a healthier, more diverse gut microbiome.

Each MOJU Prebiotic Shot contains a unique blend of the world’s most powerful prebiotics and plant fibres; including Chicory Root Inulin, Baobab, Golden Kiwi and Green Banana. The ingredients, backed by extensive scientific research, are proven to reach the lower gut where they are then able to feed the good bacteria, helping them to thrive and multiply.

The importance of gut health has come increasingly to fore in recent years, with studies highlighting its instrumental role in supporting our wider physical and mental health. In fact, 70% of our immune system lives in our gut’s microbiome, linking good gut health to resistance against infections and colds, and supporting recovery after illness. Furthermore, as 90% of our serotonin is produced in the gut, there is evidence to suggest that a happy gut equals a happy mind. 

Fibre plays an essential role in achieving a healthy gut, but shockingly, less than one in 10 UK adults are getting the recommended 30g of dietary fibre per day. Modern diets are heavily supported by processed, quick fix foods – as opposed to the diverse, fibre-filled diets of our ‘hunter gatherer’ ancestors (achieving as much as 135g of dietary fibre every day!). MOJU’s prebiotic shot has been purposefully designed to help today’s time-poor consumers incorporate a diverse range of plant based fibres into their diets, with a punchy 3.7g of plant-fibre in every shot. 

Ross Austen, nutrition & research lead at MOJU says: “Forbes has branded the last decade as the decade of the microbiome. We have learnt a huge amount in a short space of time but there is still a long way to go. But what we do know is that diet and lifestyle is the most powerful tool for shaping our microbiome and in turn, our health and well being. Consumers are more engaged than ever with 30% of them citing improving their gut health as a reason to change their diet. 

“It is fantastic to see consumers more interested in this area. We are born with the bodies of hunter-gatherers but our diets are more dominated by industrialised and processed ingredients than ever. If we want to be healthy and for our minds and bodies to perform at their best, we need to eat and move about a little more like our ancestors did. That is what is so exciting about our Prebiotic Shot; we bring nature’s most powerful ingredients into an easily consumable product that can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.”

“The UK Prebiotics market is predicted to reach £340m by 2026, as the gut health trend continues to evolve and grow. A One Poll Survey conducted by MOJU (701 UK adults), has shown that over a third are already looking to prioritise their gut health in the next 12 months, highlighting the need for an accessible and convenient prebiotic, and once again positioning MOJU at the forefront of upcoming food and drink, and supplement trends.”

MOJU co-founder Rich Goldsmith comments: “Our gut is a hugely complex system but one which is one of the most important  of our overall health and wellbeing. The gut and digestive health category is a really exciting space which has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on consumers’ lives. To date it’s been driven by dairy based probiotic products, but without a diverse menu of food the good bacteria in your gut cannot thrive. We all want to eat a diet full of a wide variety of whole foods but the realities of modern life often make that challenging, so we developed the UK’s first ready to drink product with an efficacious dose of prebiotics and plant fibres in a super convenient, nutrient dense format. It delivers big on flavour and is free from dairy, added sugars, sweeteners, gums and preservatives which is an important and significant step forward for the category.”  

MOJU is dedicated to helping it’s customers live better and do better, which is why the brand is leading with the 500ml Dosing Bottle™, encouraging customers to move away from single shot size multipacks that is the category norm, meaning less waste per purchase. Like all MOJU products, the Prebiotic packaging is made with 50% post consumer recycled plastics and every bottle is 100% recyclable. 

The new Prebiotic Shot has been purposefully created to continue the brand’s mission to help active, busy people function and perform the way nature intended, and like all MOJU products, is packed with plant-based power and their signature punchy flavour. Offering a natural sherbert kick, MOJU’s new Prebiotic Shot is one of the most enjoyable and easy ways to level up your daily gut game.

MOJU’s new 500ml Dosing Bottle™ Prebiotic Shot will be available online at, 60ml Shots at Waitrose stores nationwide, with 60ml Shots and 500ml Dosing Bottle™ available from Waitrose online from 10th March. The Prebiotic product will be launching in Ocado at the end of March.