Funky Pigeon signs new deal for social proof messaging from Taggstar

Funky Pigeon signs a new deal for real-time social proof messaging from Taggstar, highlighting to its customers which cards and gifts are popular, are trending and are selling fast – helping them to navigate the breadth of choices available to them and make confident and informed buying decisions.

Acquired by WHSmith in 2010, Funky Pigeon is a market leading personalised cards and gift business.  They specialise in helping customers create a memorable and keepsake present or card for any occasion. They offer same day despatch with the majority of products delivered the next day.

Funky Pigeon started working with Taggstar in April 2021 as they wanted to help their customers with product discovery by providing them with additional information throughout the buying journey that would aid decision making and lead to purchase.

A proof of concept ran for three weeks using Taggstar’s core messaging types across their product list, product description and basket pages – surfacing relevant messages or combinations of messages at the right time to their customers throughout their buying journey.

Jack Barnfield, senior optimisation manager at Funky Pigeon, said: “The proof of concept delivered a conversion rate uplift of 2.19% and Funky Pigeon have now entered into a 12 month partnership with Taggstar’.

He continued, “We are delighted that real-time social proof messaging has helped our customers find the perfect card or gift and to feel confident in their choices.”