Furniture retailer, John Lewis of Hungerford, launches Christmas ad

Furniture retailer, John Lewis of Hungerford, has launched its Christmas advertisement, created by TMW Unlimited.
And, while this John Lewis ad is full of the heartstring-tugging, tear-jerking spirit of Christmas, this time there’s not a penguin in sight.
The ad is set in a kitchen at Christmas time as a dad and his young daughter set about making Christmas cupcakes. But while the cupcakes dad makes are perfect looking enough for Bake Off, his daughter’s efforts leave a lot to be desired.
She presents her grotesque creations proudly to her mum, who does her best to look impressed, but as the girl skips off, mum quickly puts down her cupcake and eats one of dad’s instead.
The ad, which focuses on John Lewis of Hungerford’s handcrafted kitchens, has the endline: “Imperfection not tolerated”.
The 50-second film launches online today, Monday, 2 November 2015. The ad was created by TMW Unlimited and the production company was Mind’s Eye.
Graeme Noble, chief creative officer, TMW Unlimited, said: “For Christmas this year we wanted to create something warm and fuzzy so we’re very proud to have created this Christmas ad for John Lewis of Hungerford. And of course we’re not afraid to pay homage to a certain other brand’s iconic  Christmas advertising.”