GAIL’s & Ocean Bottle partner to launch tech plastic pollution initiative


Award-winning Ocean Bottle, the innovator behind the reusable bottle that prevents 1,000 plastic bottles in weight from entering our ocean, has announced the launch of its NFC smart chip impact platform, designed to help fund plastic collection and drive sustainable behaviour.

In partnership with artisan bakery GAIL’s, this platform will help Ocean Bottle to increase its plastic collection impact fifty-fold by 2025. Launching across all Ocean Bottle products, as well as an exclusive new GAIL’s branded water bottle, Ocean Bottle’s built-in NFC smart chip, runs alongside a unique platform designed to encourage customers to use their bottles as much as possible and empower individuals everywhere to be part of the plastic crisis solution.  

The initiative will run across three GAIL’s flagship bakeries in West London (Kings Road, Fulham & High Street Kensington) for three months, with GAIL’s pledging to fund the collection of 20 ocean-bound plastic bottles for every drink bought using the Ocean Bottle. The limited-edition GAIL’s Ocean Bottle is available to buy at the three GAIL’s bakeries too. Hot drinks available on the GAIL’s menu include the House Blend to suit GAIL’s favourite time of day: morning, which fills the bakeries with the wonderful, distinctive aroma of freshly-roasted beans. GAIL’s House Blend is roasted by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee in East London. Union roasts in small batches to develop sweetness and highlight the characteristics of our blend’s outstanding origins. 

The pioneering new platform will enable Ocean Bottle owners the opportunity to interact and record an impact each time they tap their Ocean Bottle against the Impact Scanner at GAIL’s, as well as paving the way for more retailers to empower their customers to make a difference to the plastic crisis with every sale.

This means each person becomes accountable for their own impact; with the Ocean Bottle NFC chip and web app, individuals can track and multiply their plastic collection impact with every transaction, find nearby plastic collection opportunities, and even find refill spots on the go. 

A recent survey undertaken by Ocean Bottle revealed that while half of the UK think they can personally make a difference to the ocean plastic problem, 88% of Brits admitted they face challenges when trying to make a positive environmental impact, with 46% of Brits admitting they don’t know how they can make a difference to protect our oceans.  

This partnership aims to solve this barrier by helping individuals further their impact every time they use their Ocean Bottle, offering simple ways to make a change such as funding plastic collection by purchasing a morning coffee from GAIL’s.

Said co-founder William Pearson: “It is now estimated that ocean plastic will quadruple by 2040, and that over 75% of this will come from uncollected plastic waste. Plastic pollution is causing catastrophic effects not only on our ocean but also on local waterways and communities. “To truly have an impact, not only do we need to reduce single-plastic use but we also need to make changes to our everyday routine, to individually make an impact and ensure plastic is collected before it enters our ocean in the first place. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to announce this incredibly powerful partnership with GAIL’s, to launch our NFC platform and empower individuals everywhere to be a part of this solution. 

“By reinventing customer loyalty in rewarding sustainable consumption, we’re able to offer a solution that actually matters to customers –  tangible environmental impact.  And through our bottle’s unrivalled design, quality material, versatile usage and long term goal, we believe, together with GAIL’s, we can help achieve this.” 

Tom Molnar, GAIL’s co-founder and CEO, comments: “Today, more than ever, we are reminded of our wider responsibility to support the environment we live in. We are pleased to be working with Ocean Bottle to highlight the plastic crisis through an innovative initiative.” 

Ocean Bottle’s mission is to fund the collection of 1,000 bottles worth of ocean-bound plastic waste with the sale of each and every bottle as well as empowering collectors in coastal communities to access money, healthcare, education, tech and microfinance in exchange for the plastic collected. Fully recyclable, the bottle’s features include; a dual opening for both multi-functional usage and better cleaning, hot and cold insulation, an easy carry loop for everyday practical use and an NFC smart chip, which offers monetary exchanges with the plastic collection as well as other perks when refilling at partner retailers. Available in six colours inspired by our incredible planet: Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Forest Green, Sun Orange, Rock Grey and Obsidian Black, Ocean Bottles are available to buy direct from the website , priced £40. The limited-edition GAIL’s Ocean Bottle is available to buy at the GAIL’s West London flagship bakeries (Kings Road, Fulham & High Street Kensington). Customers using a reusable bottle or cup in bakeries enjoy a 20p discount on take away and eat in drink orders.