Galbani rolls out media campaign


Galbani Mozzarella

The campaign, which is live now, runs until the end of August and has been created to remind consumers about Galbani’s product quality credentials and Italian heritage, as well as highlighting the cold usage consumption of its key Mozzarella product.

The fully-integrated media campaign includes: outdoor advertising, featuring posters located near stores that over-index on Galbani shoppers; cross-device display advertising through high traffic websites; mobile display advertising, targeting consumers according to geographic location, lifestyle and food affinity; and radio sponsorship – Galbani is sponsoring Classic FM and Smooth Radio throughout the summer.

The far-reaching campaign will be seen by 80% of Galbani’s target market of affluent consumers who love experimenting with foreign cuisine.

Mike Chatters, sales director for Lactalis McLelland, said: “The media activity will further cement Galbani’s status as one of the beacons of the continental cheese sector and the go-to Italian cheese brand.

“The campaign underlines the long-standing heritage and taste authenticity of Galbani. It also aims to inspire consumers to consider Galbani products such as Galbani Mozzarella when they’re looking for quick and easy meal inspiration.”

The media campaign follows the recent launch of Galbani Freschetto, a versatile soft white cheese with an Italian twist that can be enjoyed cold or hot. Galbani Freschetto is available through ASDA and Waitrose.