General Mills enhances parental leave policy

General Mills, the global food company, announces a paternally focused change to its current, industry-leading parental leave policy for employees in the UK and Ireland.

In 2019 and 2021 General Mills announced an overhaul of its pre-existing parental leave policies. New parents were given almost triple the amount of time off they had previously been allowed and also introduced the shared parental leave scheme last year to further improve support for staff.

Taking it a step further, this latest update to General Mills’ already progressive policy is part of the Company’s mission to be one of the food industry’s most supportive businesses. This new policy change, which seeks to make our business more inclusive, involves:

Enhanced paternity leave: Effective from 1st of March 2022, 3 months of fully paid paternity leave will be offered to be used within the first year. This benefits those parents that do not wish to share their parental leave and will allow them to spend their leave together.

Through this new policy, General Mills aims to ensure that new fathers feel not only that they have permission to spend time away from work with their children, but that they are actively encouraged to do so. We hope that it will benefit all parents, regardless of gender, by creating a more equitable workplace.

Ben Pearman, managing director of General Mills UK and Ireland, said: “Our employees are our biggest asset here at General Mills. Without a doubt, they are the beating heart of our business, and our support for them must reflect the value they add to us.

To show our appreciation of their commitment to us, we want to ensure that we can create a more inclusive environment to properly support them during important life events. As we continue breaking the bias, this support will be provided regardless of gender, type of relationship, type of parentship or indeed any other potentially defining characteristic.

We are focused on continuing down the path to establish a more inclusive climate and we trust that these progressions will keep on driving our desire to be the most comprehensively supportive business in our industry.”

Victoria Street, human resources director for Europe and Australia at General Mills, said: “We are thrilled to announce this significant enhancement to our parental leave policy, which will provide further support for our staff and enable us to continue cultivating an undeniable sense of value.”

We are one of the biggest advocates for parents and caregivers in our field, from bettering our parental leave to supporting our staff through difficult personal circumstances. As a result, it is vital that we keep improving our initiatives to promote workplace equality and inclusion. By promoting these values, we are effectively driving our company one step closer to breaking the bias around parental leave”