Genie and the Geek partners with Neteven to increase European presence

Marketplaces management solution Neteven has signed a partnership with the UK’s leading ecommerce managed services provider Genie and the Geek.

The collaboration between Neteven and Genie and the Geek will provide businesses with a first class e-commerce solution for maximising online growth.

Neteven’s trading platform offers a wide range of functions for online retailers and the largest number of marketplaces integrations across Europe and the US. Genie and the Geek has extensive expertise in e-commerce, photo shooting, marketing, research, customer service, logistic and business management. By combining both services businesses now have the option of employing a fully holistic service in their online marketing campaign.

Tayyab Akhlaq, managing director of Genie and the Geek, said: “We are very pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Neteven. Cross border trade is a big focus for us and for our customers this year. Working together with Neteven will allow us to reach even further into Europe, as their software integrates with many international leading marketplaces and many more territories than competitive products of the same quality.”

Greg Zemor, co-founder and CEO of Neteven, said: “We are proud that a UK based company has chosen Neteven as its partner. In 2014, we successfully launched some projects with Genie and the Geek and we are all ready to take it to the next stage. Genie and the Geek and Neteven’s strategies are closely aligned. We both understand that technology to master online marketplace management is essential and that services to help businesses outsource part of or their entire cross border trade distribution project is very important. We are now looking forward to managing hundreds of clients together.”

Last year, Genie and the Geek launched one of its long-standing clients, My1stWish, using Neteven. My1stWish launched on marketplaces including PriceMinister, La Redoute and Cdiscount.