Giant Bicycles UK deploys new tech to support over 300 retail partners


Giant Bicycles, one of the world’s top bicycle manufacturers, has introduced new technology into its UK operations to help it work better with its hundreds of retail partners across the country.

Giant’s UK team now stores all important imagery and product information in a Canto digital asset management (DAM) library. This provides a simple workflow for Giant’s retailers to access centralised images, videos and technical PDFs for each product. 

Canto’s ‘Portals’ feature automates the process by providing retailers secure self-serve access to approved and up-to-date brand content. Via a Portal, retailers enter their account number and download all the assets they need. This helps uphold brand consistency and is critical to success given Giant’s small UK marketing team and relationships with over 300 retail partners.

Another dedicated Portal for media is easy to use and widely available, meaning Giant’s images are being published more and are helping accentuate the brand.

Canto also provides Giant with an analytics dashboard allowing the team to see what retailers and media are accessing and downloading, therefore indicating what is most popular.

Ricki Cumberland, digital content sStrategist at Giant Bicycles UK, said: “A lot of our retailers are dealing with three, four, maybe five brands. If we provide retailers with the easiest place to get graphics or whatever they need for their shops, they will hopefully come to us rather than a competitor brand.

“One of the best things about Canto is being able to see the data on what’s being accessed. This indicates where the trend is moving or what the retailers are really liking. We can now see download rates including on things like social media assets to know what’s working well.”

Enabling brand ambassadors

Giant Bicycles UK works with cyclists who advocate for and promote the brand. Before Canto, ambassadors would send photos straight to members of the marketing team, but after changes within the company, these photos were getting lost. With upload links, ambassadors upload their own action photos directly into Giant’s Canto library.

“Our ambassadors now always have somewhere they can put their content. There’s also always somewhere that we can go and access it. It’s a very stable process,” added Cumberland. “Canto is definitely helping us streamline and centralise things. It’s just all in one location, which is great.”