Gigadat and Interac expand online casino payment reach with MiFinity


Online betting is gaining traction in Canada each year. As the industry expands to become a global business, there is a great need for customized merchant accounts. While no major Canadian bank is concerned with helping players use their personal accounts to deposit or withdraw money from online casinos, there is still a way for them.

Thanks to Gigadat Solutions Inc, making online casino payments is possible for Canadian players. Gigadat is a payment provider that offers services for online gamers and gamblers. It is a reliable, simple, and trustworthy method, which has made it the number one payment option for many Canadian bettors.

It has the flexibility and smarts to handle the different complexities of the Canadian Provincial and Federal rules and regulations. Unlike other payment options, Giadat seamlessly merges transactions from Federal to Province and Province to Province.

Thanks to Gigadant services and Interac e-transfers, players can now easily move funds to and from their betting accounts. Since offshore betting is not illegal in Canada, there is no law preventing financial institutions from participating. To ensure safety, Gigadat handles any collateral legalities by only allowing transactions from licensed casinos.

Due to its popularity, numerous casinos have added Gigadat as one of their payment methods. Some of these casinos include Genesis Casino, Jackpot City, Casoola, and Spin Casino, among others.

Gigadat Partnership with Interac

To reach more customers and continue connecting Canadian consumers to e-retailers through secure, safe, and exceptional digital payment solutions, Gigadat Inc made a broader push into the ever-growing online betting industry.

Online betting is considered one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. As more online betting sites continue opening their virtual doors to Canadian bettors, many players have continued to complain about the lack of secure and reliable payment options exclusive for them.

To deliver players a highly secure and reliable payment method, Gigadat has partnered with Interac, one of the biggest Canadian online banking services. The move has made it possible to do pay-out and pay-in transactions using Interac eTransfer and Interac online services.

Anyone who knows about Interac can attest that it is the number one online payment option countrywide. Its partnership with Gigadat has made this a dominant online betting payment method since players can trust the two companies with their money. Interact also collaborates with every major Canadian financial institution, which makes it even more accommodating to bettors.

Whether players have a bank account with one or the other major Canadian bank, they can use both Gigadat and Interac services. Since most Canadians have been using Interac payment method for a long time, it has made it easier for them to accept it as one of the best online betting payment options.

It is the ideal payment method for Canadian bettors for various reasons. For once, since Interac is an exclusively Canadian payment option, it means that players don’t have to worry about currency conversion. They can deposit or withdraw funds in CAD.

Also, many bettors are choosing Interac as their payment option since it offers them fast withdrawals and instant deposits directly from their betting accounts to their preferred banks without having to create another account.

Additionally, Interac e-transfer and Gigadat Inc have become the fastest-growing Canadian online betting payment options as more casinos accept them due to the many benefits they offer players. Interact connects with more than 250 Canadian financial institutions, making it unlikely that you will not find your favorite bank on their list.

Gigadat’s Partnership with MiFinity in Canda

Gigadat Solutions has partnered with MiFinity, a global payments provider to help online casino bettors make payments with ease. The partnership will help Gigadat and MiFinity to provide bettors with Interac services. It will also complement the existing MiFinity solution while helping drive player and merchant growth to the MiFinity platform. The expansion is a significant indicator in the open banking potential.

To support this payment option and improve the local customer experience, MiFinity has added more eWallet currencies that are supported within its platform. They have included CAD to help locals transact without having to convert currencies. 

Many benefits of MiFinity/ Interac local payment option exist. For once, players can now choose their favorite local payment method and they can also deposit and withdraw through this option in CAD. Also, players don’t have to incur expensive FX conversion charges and fees, and they get greater control of how they spend their money.

The MiFininty eWallet is a simple, fast, and safe way for players to do transactions. It has additional local payment options to support transactions in different currencies.


The partnerships in these payment methods have madeit possible for Canadian players to enjoy fast, reliable, and secure transactions. With Gigadat and Interac expanding its online payment reach with Mifinity, it has made it easy for players to choose them as their payment options due to the numerous discussed advantages. More and more players are now looking for casinos that accept this payment option. Things can only get better in the Canadian online betting industry.