Ginsters debuts range of plant-based Pasties inspired by global flavours


Ginsters, the UK’s number one savoury pastry brand, is on a mission to reenergise the savoury pastry category. With food trends continually evolving, and consumers increasingly moving to flexitarian diets, new and exciting flavours are top of the agenda. Ginsters has taken innovation to the next level with the launch of a new range of Plant-Based Pasties inspired by global flavours.  

Available nationwide from 27th September, RRP £1.70, the range introduces two new variants that tap into key shopper trends: the rise in at-home meal occasions and fast-growing consumer demand for premium world flavour experiences. 

Building on the brand’s success in meat-free innovation, the new Ginsters plant-based pasty range is a celebration of global cuisine.  Each contemporary recipe has been crafted with 50 years of baking expertise for a convenient mealtime fix that fits with today’s adventurous consumer: 

·       New Ginsters Bombay Potato & Spinach Pasty (180g): An aromatic blend of bold and vibrant Bombay Potato and spinach in a spicy chilli sauce with tomato, onion, and garlic, wrapped in a light melt-in-your-mouth puff pastry.  Available from 27th September at Co-op, 18th October at Asda and 6th November at Tesco, RRP £1.70. 

·       New Ginsters Cajun Spiced Sweet Potato & Chickpea Pasty (180g):  A spicy taste sensation of sweet potato, chickpeas, red peppers, and onion in a Cajun style tomato sauce, wrapped in a light melt-in-your-mouth puff pastry. Available at Asda from 18th October, RRP £1.70. 

·       The brand’s existing Moroccan Vegetable Pasty (180g) will also receive a packaging refresh this September to complete the range. The award-winning SKU blends butternut squash, chickpeas, apricot, dates and red piquante pepper in a rich red harissa and Moroccan chermoula sauce, wrapped in a puff pastry, RRP £1.70. 

Savoury pastry ranks amongst the highest of categories for impulse with 56% of consumers wanting to try something different and 31% of adults interested in global cuisines keen to see products that feature more vegetables and pulses. 

As two thirds of the UK population reduce their meat intake and expand their non-meat repertoire, plant-based savoury pastry over-indexes with pre-family consumers. The latest launch aims to appeal to existing consumers, while introducing this younger audience to the category, by responding to the demand for world flavours and plant-based ingredients, whilst reinforcing to shoppers that Ginsters is the category leader, bringing fresh, unexpected flavours and innovation to the category.    

Commenting on the launch Sam Mitchell, Ginsters’ managing director, said: “We set ourselves a challenge, to change the way people think about meat-free recipes, and our new range is a natural addition to our ongoing pipeline, which has helped us to capture a slice of the plant-based market through awareness, trial and repeat purchase.  

“Consumers are increasingly enjoying flavours of the world, driven by demand for new experiences. As shoppers seek out the next big thing to try, our new Cajun, Indian and Moroccan pasties offer intense and distinctive flavour combinations that will excite their taste buds and encourage them to explore the category, engaging in new occasions and ultimately buying more frequently.  

“We are confident that our new vegan pasty range will meet the shoppers’ need for a delicious meat-free meal to perk up their busy working days, with a more adventurous flavour profile, and all the credibility of a well-established brand.” 

Ginsters has experienced encouraging growth within the meat alternatives and plant-based market including its long-term partnership with UK meat-free pioneers, Quorn. Now, the brand is extending the opportunity with a varied portfolio to suit flexitarian lifestyles and preferences.  

Ginsters vegan products have increased sales by £3.4m vs LY, an increase of 123%. This is ahead of total vegan category growth (+90%), meaning Ginsters has delivered 29% of total vegan growth to the category in the last year, and has increased share of vegan sales from 21.3% to 25%.