Goodbody Botanicals launches culinary CBD Extra Virgin oils

Goodbody Botanicals has partnered with Olives Et Al, the Dorset based multi-award winning specialist food company, to launch the UK’s first range of culinary CBD Extra Virgin Oils. Created by Olives Et Al using Goodbody Botanicals CBD to enrich a rich and fruity Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the range offers an easy way to incorporate CBD in to your daily regime. Perfect for dipping and drizzling, to enjoy over laid back lunches and relaxed dinners, there are three different strengths to choose from between 10mg to 100mg CBD per 20ml serve.

Olives Et Al has over 25 years of experience of sourcing and supplying the finest olives and extra virgin olive oils which they have put to good effect by joining forces with Goodbody Botanicals to develop a range of culinary CBD products. The first to launch is a range of three Culinary CBD Extra Virgin Oils which should be served raw – drizzled on salad, meat and fish, or used as a dipping oil – perfect with crusty bread and a glass of something on the side.

The CBD content is verified and tested by PhytoVista laboratories to ensure it complies with all UK regulations and that each bottle contains the same amount of CBD as the last. There are three different strengths available – Activate contains 10mg CBD per 20 ml serving of oil, Elevate has 30mg per 20ml, and Levitate has 100mg per 20ml.

NAME                        RELATIVE STRENGTH          PRICE PER BOTTLE

Activate 250ml            10mg per 20ml Serve               £20.00

Elevate 250ml             30mg per 20ml Serve              £40.00

Levitate 250ml           100mg per 20ml Serve             £120.00

Current estimates suggest that 1.3 million consumers spend in excess of £300m every year on CBD products in the UK. To date, around 6m adults have put this natural product to the test.

According to George Thomas at Goodbody Botanicals: “Pairing CBD with food was an obvious next step for us to create a relaxed, healthy way to enjoy the benefits of CBD as part of your everyday life. Olive oil contains lots of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties to maximise the benefits of taking your daily dose of CBD and naturally support a healthy lifestyle.”

Giles Henschel, from Olives Et Al, said: “We chose to work with Goodbody Botanicals because all products are tried, tested and laboratory certified to ensure compliance, so make a great match for the standards and quality we already bring to everything we do. We’ve created the UK’s first and only culinary CBD products based around combining quality assured CBD with high grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We’ve been able to use our respective skill sets and experience to develop a truly innovative and unique CBD product that current CBD users will find a great addition to their regime as it combines the known and proven health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all the positive attributes of CBD.”