Gousto launches first Alexa app in global recipe box market


Today, UK-leading recipe box company, Gousto, one of the country’s fastest-growing technology companies, launches a brand-new Alexa app. Helping to make cooking meals even more simple for families, by combining the Alexa voice interface with easy-to-follow recipe cards, customers will be guided through recipes step-by-step, allowing them to cook ‘hands-free’.

A first in the highly competitive recipe box market globally, the app takes simplicity around weekly meals one step further for Gousto customers, who already place weekly recipe orders online, before having perfectly measured ingredients and simple recipe cards delivered directly to their doors.

Using technology to offer consumers a seamless experience when planning and cooking their weekly meals, customers can also use the Alexa app to review what’s in their box and remind themselves of the recipe orders they’ve placed for the following week.

Removing the need for customers to manipulate their phone or computer to log into their account or handle physical recipe cards – the technological innovation offers customers maximum convenience and ease around enjoying home-cooked food.

A challenger brand in the UK’s grocery market – the move to a complete hands-free cooking experience for customers is unseen to date, with Gousto using technology to go one step further than other larger brands.

Shaun Pearce, chief technology officer at Gousto says: “At Gousto we’re passionate about using technology to transform weekly mealtimes for UK families – helping to make shopping, planning and cooking for weekly meals simple and convenient.

“We invest heavily in data science, our tech stack and operational infrastructure – which gives us an advantage over competitors and much larger brands. In two years, we’ve grown our Tech team by 600%. We encourage innovation within the team, by allocating 10% of our engineers’ time to work on what they think will benefit Gousto and its customers. This encourages our team to think creatively and many of these projects have gone on to become fully functional tools, including this Alexa skill.”

Timo Boldt, CEO of Gousto, says: “We’re customer obsessed, constantly finding ways to offer even more ease and convenience around mealtimes. With one in four UK households expected to have an Amazon Echo by 2018[1] – it’s just another way we can offer a service which fits in around their busy lifestyles and help families serve up good home-cooked food.”

The new Alexa app is just another ‘first’ for Gousto, who’ve stacked up a series of milestones in 2017 including: becoming the no.1 recipe box for choice with the launch of 22 recipes and becoming the first recipe box to offer seven-day delivery – all heavily supported by technological advancement.

Defining the recipe box industry at scale since launching in 2012, UK-based Gousto has proven its excellence as a specialist online retailer, competing against large grocery giants to make home cooking possible for families living busy lifestyles.

Sending almost half a million meals monthly, it directly delivers fresh, wholesome ingredients, plus foolproof recipes, seven days a week. A meal costs from £2.98.