Graduates take on price comparison sites with personalised offer


Two graduates in management from Leeds University claim they are taking on the leading price comparison web sites with their own social shopping online offer.

shopow logoShopow has been launched by Kevin Flood and Mike Harty and claims to revolutionise the fast-growing phenomenon of social shopping.

A free site, it lets users follow friends and other shoppers, and personalises the search for products, reviews and answers.

A Shopow shopper will see friends’ interactions with products, taking trust and transparency to another level, claim the duo behind the site.

Shopow is a described as a new type of shopping search engine that aggregates thousands of retailers and millions of products across all areas of consumer goods.

It allows users to compare goods by criteria such as price, retailer, service and delivery and integrates various social functions so shoppers can find all the information they need to make the right decisions when buying online.

Shopow will display reviews, Q&A and strikes (shared bookmarks) that have already been collected around a product, so users will be able to gauge an opinion generated by other shoppers.

Shopow also includes a Social Sorting feature, which brings a user’s friends’ interactions with products to the fore. According to the company, this makes shopping more personalised and trustworthy than ever before.

Shopow claims to have distanced itself from the shopping comparison sites skewed towards the big retailers that pay to appear higher in the search results.

Instead, Shopow said it has gone to great lengths to ensure it stays wholly independent and free from bias, meaning products at the top of the list rare the best in terms of price, service or any other attribute a user selects.