graze and Marmite collaborate to launch Marmite Crunch – marking graze’s first brand collaboration


Graze is announcing a collaboration with iconic brand, Marmite, which marks its first brand partnership and sees its taste experts joining forces with the legends at Marmite. Known as the love-it or hate-it brand, graze is confident Marmite Crunch will keep the haters at bay thanks to its super intense, crunchy and satisfying flavour that will get tastebud-tingling.

Marmite Crunch brings a hit of savoury tang to a medley of roasted corn, broad beans and corn hoops. Keeping health at its heart, the new sharing bags contain less than 150 kcal per portion, are packed to the brim with vegetables, are high in fibre and can be enjoyed by vegans too.

Sharing bag RPP: £3.00 / Sharing bag weight: 100g