graze announces launch of its biggest ever advertising campaign

graze, the UK’s number one healthy snacking brand, is excited to announce the launch of its biggest advertising investment to date with a campaign value of £2.1 million running through late-May into June.

The campaign showcases new creative featuring one of graze’s best-selling products, smoky barbecue crunch, highlighting its unique taste and lower calorie content.

In terms of its influence, the campaign is set to reach 75% of graze’s target audience nationwide with 86 million total impact opportunities across the UK, leveraging formats such as digital tube ribbons, large digital formats in major cities, road-side and bus-side posters.

In addition, graze is distributing 400,000 samples across 5 cities, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds to bring to life the health ambitions of graze as a brand. The campaign is designed to inspire both existing and new customers to reimagine the way in which they snack.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Anthony Fletcher, CEO at graze, said: “We’re proud to announce the launch of our biggest campaign, which is a major milestone for the business. Following the launch of our initiative to significantly reduce the sugar content across our entire cereal bar range and our new under 100 calories ‘wow bakes’, the campaign highlights graze’s sustained efforts in providing wholesome, nutritious products and championing innovation in the healthy snacking sector.”