Graze relaunches brand as part of mission to reimagine healthy snacking


Graze, the tech-led multichannel retailer of healthy snacks, is excited to reveal its new brand identity as part of a wider initiative to help consumers reimagine the way they snack.

As part of the rebrand, graze aims to challenge the negative perceptions around snacking and lead the way in creating new products that are healthier, tastier and fresher than ever before.

Bigger and better

The initiative is part of the business’ drive to maintain its position at the forefront of healthy eating innovation and push forward as a disruptive leader in the sector.

In order to achieve this, graze teamed up with leading creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie to help define and develop its branding in an increasingly health savvy market. Graze then worked closely with its own customers to test and validate this identity.

The business’ unique brand is underpinned by several key pillars driven by its commitment to creativity and imagination. These pillars include striking the balance between taste and health, providing snacking options for people with increasingly busy lives and its restlessness for innovation.

A holistic relaunch

The rebrand is part of a company-wide initiative being rolled out across all channels, including direct-to-consumer, retail and the graze shop.

The relaunch aims to increase the standout appeal of graze’s products and create a consistent brand across all consumer touchpoints in an increasingly competitive market.

The packaging, launched across the subscription and e-commerce channels in May, comes in a range of vibrant colours. Its modernised design makes products more accessible to a larger group of consumers and highlights their key health benefits and exciting flavours.

Commenting on the relaunch, Anthony Fletcher, CEO of graze, said: “This an exciting time for graze as we continue to evolve and disrupt the heathy snacking market. We are dedicated to achieving our mission of challenging the negative perceptions around snacking and want our customers to grow with us as we help them reimagine the way they snack.”

“The rebrand is just one element of our commitment to ongoing innovation across the wider business as we approach our ten year anniversary. We are thrilled to be celebrating with a rebrand that not only encompasses our key brand pillars, but demonstrates how graze continues to raise the bar when it comes to healthy snacking.”

Lee Rolston, strategy sirector at Jones Knowles Ritchie, added:“We thrive on working with pioneering brands such as graze and wanted help them capture the spirit of imagination and innovation at the centre of the business and place it at the heart of their brand identity.”

“We believe the simplicity, standout and bold nature of the rebrand will act as the perfect platform for the next wave of growth for graze.”