Great British Biscotti Co., ushers in compostable packaging and plant-based recipe


Over the last few years The Great British Biscotti Co., has proudly rekindled the fortunes of the humble biscotti that first arrived on our shores some two thousand years ago in the knapsacks of invading Roman legionnaires.  

Originally assembled as a durable, double-baked, energy provider for famished foot soldiers, the humble biscotti has slowly evolved to become the perfectly proportioned accompaniment to the universally applauded coffee

Ever since 2017, The Great British Co., has been nudging the biscotti goalposts. Where there was once only almond-orientated offerings, The Great British Biscotti introduced all manner of deliciously decadent flavour marriages, (Sweet & Savoury) from Chocolate Orange to Cheddar & Fennel).  Other Great British biscotti benchmarks included a lighter to bite (yet more satisfying crunch), the world’s first tea-centric biscotti and a variety of new formats from twin-pack batons to gift boxes. 

Launching in May 2020

  • Two new plant-based/GF lines, (Dark Belgian Chocolate & Cranberries & Almond, Hazelnut & Orange) using a secret flour blend and replacing dairy fat with coconut oil 
  • The launch of genuinely ‘home compostable’ packaging across its entire twin-pack portfolio
  • The new twin-pack baton portfolio in compostable packaging will consist of a new Triple Chocolate, a Simply Almond &a White Chocolate Cranberry & Pistachio 

According to company founder Paul Rostand: “We live in an age where The British Craft Food movement is growing like never before, a foodie renaissance born from an insatiable craving for best-in-class ingredients, constant innovation and recipe integrity. As an ambitious specialist bakery in Dorset, we’re proud to respond to the growing concerns of deserving food minorities, (vegans and coeliacs) whose calls for more tailored recipe decks should never result in having to settle for underwhelming flavours and textures. As for compostable packaging, we believe everyone has a responsibility to reduce their litter trail and leave the planet as they found it.”

The new Great British Biscotti lines are ideally suited to hotels, hospitality, foodservice, vending (e.g. hotel gyms) airlines and the upmarket catering operations of banks and commercial offices, the company claims.