Green cleaning company adds new compact Dishwasher Tablets to zero waste range

B Corporation certified green cleaning company Bio-D has launched a new range of environmentally friendly Dishwasher Tablets as it continues to increase its offering of zero waste products.

The Dishwasher Tablets, which have 100% recyclable cardboard packaging, are just 12g in size. This results in carbon emission savings in both production and transport compared to traditional 20g alternatives, which use filler products to bulk out tablets – a waste of valuable raw materials.

In fact, for every five trucks of 20g tablets, Bio-D only needs three, with the green cleaning company able to fit 40% more boxes of its new product in transportation lorries compared to other average sized offerings.

The smaller size also saves shelf space in store, as well as packaging required for sending out online orders.

The new Dishwasher Tablets are the second release in a range of new product launches for Bio-D in 2022.

Heather Nixon, sustainability, NPD and regulatory manager at Bio-D, said: “New product development is a big priority for us this year, so it’s with great excitement that we can introduce our new Dishwasher Tablets to our customers.”

The Dishwasher Tablets join Bio-D’s vast line-up of existing zero waste products, alongside the brand’s new Dishwash Bar, another new addition to its green product range.

Nixon continues: “Our new Dishwash Bar is a great alternative for people that don’t have a dishwasher or prefer washing their pots and pans by hand.  

“Created from naturally derived plant-based ingredients and with plastic free, recyclable packaging, just wet your brush, cloth or sponge and rub across the bar until soapy and wash your dishes as normal. The bars are also suitable for sensitive skin with a high glycerine content and added Hemp bran which leaves hands feeling soft and moisturised.

“The bars are fragrance free, meaning they’re suitable for allergy sufferers, and also deliver more uses compared to traditional washing up liquid, helping so many of us affected by the cost-of-living crisis.”

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, vegan cleaning products, sustainability is behind everything Bio-D does, from the suppliers it uses, to how its factory is powered and the ingredients that go into the products sold on the shelves.

Nixon said: “All of our consumer and five litre containers are now recyclable and created from 100% post-consumer plastic. We also stock over 311 refill stations across the country, encouraging consumers to further reduce their plastic use.”

Ethical and transparent throughout its practices, Bio-D also creates an annual Sustainability Report, outlining its environmental, economic and social impacts while reviewing the company’s achievements and goals alongside areas it can improve for the next year.

Bio-D’s new Dishwasher Tablets have an RRP of £7.28 (24p per tablet) and are available from the Bio-D website, natural wholesalers, independent health stores and online retailers, as well as in store at selected independents.