Green parents provide boost for online organic and fair trade clothing retailer, Jam Organic


Jam Organic, a UK-based online retailer of organic and fair trade clothing, toys and gifts for infants, children and mothers, claims to be benefiting from a growth in green parenting. 

Green parents are deeply concerned about the environment and want to instil this into the upbringing of their children, the retailer claims. 

This does not mean simply using fabric nappies or feeding their children organic food; green parents want to take things a step further and retail companies have had to respond accordingly, Jam Organic says. 

An increase in skin conditions in infants and children, one in five children now suffer from eczema, means organic products have found another niche, the company reports. 

The cotton and bamboo used to manufacture its products can play a part in reducing the development of increasingly common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, Jam Organic says. Cotton, merino wool and bamboo are free from chemicals so its clothes are breathable and hypoallergenic, perfect for children’s sensitive skin.

Jam Organic said it sources the best organic and fair trade clothing, toys and gifts for infants, children and mothers from a number of manufacturers throughout the UK, Europe and United States. It is also featured on Not on the High Street and is set to become a leading retailer of organic products for children.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We originally launched to ensure that parents could shop easily for eco-friendly, organic clothing and toys and accessories. 

“People are becoming more concerned about the environment so we were confident that Jam would be a success. We are also glad that we can help parents prevent or ease skin conditions in their children. With the increase in artificial fibres, pollution and chemicals used to manufacture and clean clothes and children’s toys we are not surprised that skin conditions in children are on the increase.”

Organic living and goods are being adopted by an increasing number of people, not just parents, the company claims. The industry is growing rapidly and is set to become more mainstream as more people adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles.