Greggs makes giant 10ft tall coffee cup shaped bedrooms to mark launch of posh coffee range



Coffee cup shaped bedroom at Tower Bridge

Scientific research by the University of Pennsylvania that proves sleeping straight after you have a cup of coffee is actually beneficial – is being put to the test by Greggs and London city workers to mark the launch of ‘posh’ coffee at Greggs, including the new Flat White.

It takes around 30 minutes for caffeine to take effect after drinking a coffee, so the theory is that you can actually sleep for 20 minutes first and when you wake up the caffeine has a much greater effect, boosting alertness and reducing the feeling of tiredness.

Greggs has set up a giant outdoor Nappuccino laboratory at Potters Field in London, to put the theory to the test with commuters and city workers in giant 50 square feet coffee cups, with a bedroom inside.

Members of the public took part in the giant real-time ‘Nappuccino’ study – enjoying a freshly ground Greggs coffee followed by a 20 minute power nap in a specially designed giant coffee cup pod, complete with a bed, blankets, cushions, mood lighting and relaxing music.

Greggs is extending its coffee range with the introduction of a new flat white and an improved mocha, both priced from £1.75 and available at almost 1,700 shops nationwide.

Malcolm Copland, commercial director at Greggs, said: “We wanted to test the science behind the coffee power nap to help the British public feel more alert and be more productive. 

The newly extended Greggs coffee menu also includes espresso, americano, latte, and cappuccino.