GroceryAid grant helps thousands of children prepare confidently for school


The GroceryAid School Essentials Grant was launched in July to reduce the financial shock for parents working in our industry as they prepared for children to go back to school this month.

The £250k fund was introduced following a survey by The Children’s Society that reported school uniform costs were leaving many families struggling to cope and forcing them to cut back on food and other essential items. The report also highlighted the detrimental impact on children wearing the wrong uniform that includes pupils being bullied, feeling left out or even excluded from school.

The School Essentials Grant helped families purchase the school necessities required for the start of the new school term. The grant was £150 per school-aged child if the applicant could evidence that they were in receipt of Child Benefit and met the Charity’s eligibility criteria.

“We are delighted that GroceryAid’s School Essentials Grant has helped alleviate some of the financial strain on families as children finally start returning to school. On average families spend around £337 on secondary school uniform each year with primary school parents paying as much as £315 a year per child. It is important colleagues know that whilst this Grant may have closed for this year, they may be eligible for other support that is still available,” said Mandi Leonard, GroceryAid welfare director.

GroceryAid has been at the heart of the food and drink industry, providing emotional, practical and financial support since 1857 for grocery colleagues.