Ground breaking study finds British flowers use 95% less carbon than imported flowers


Booths is a proud supporter of Flowers from the Farm and supplies its customers with the very best of British flowers, produced by 12 local suppliers across 16 stores throughout the summer season.

Currently, British artisan flower growers cover just 10-15% of the UK’s flower market. One of Booths’ suppliers, Petal and Twig are an eco-friendly local Lancashire florist. They have been working closely with Lancaster Master’s student Rebecca Swann.

Swann has produced possibly the first ever study to directly compare the carbon footprint of flower bouquets using Dutch, Kenyan and British grown flowers. The study investigates whether it is better for the climate to grow a mix of flowers that we would typically find in a bouquet, in greenhouses in northern Europe or outdoors in Kenya.

Research showed that British grown bouquets make up 95% less carbon than Dutch and Kenyan grown bouquets. These ground-breaking results show the incredible difference buying British grown flowers has on the environment.

Tom Hargreaves, fresh produce buyer for Booths, said: “We’re giving our customers the choice to pick a more sustainable option when it comes to Booths flowers. By supplying locally sourced flowers we’re helping our producers carry on harvesting their flowers throughout the season as well as helping the environment. Instead of travelling thousands of air miles to get into stores, our flowers come from a few miles down the road.”