Growing number of grocery shoppers rate their health as good, Evolution Insights reports


According to a recent report by Evolution Insights (a leading independent shopper research agency) about Health and Product Information, 81% of 18-65 year old primary grocery shoppers rate their health as being good; this is a significant increase compared to 2014 (68%).

The report’s findings show that 62% of women and 53% of men are trying to eat 5-a-day, whilst 13% of shoppers exercise less than once a fortnight and eat whatever they want.  Of those that stated they were overweight, 15% said they are on a calorie controlled diet, 51% try to buy as many healthy products as they can afford. Interestingly 50% of all food & grocery shoppers think that healthy food is expensive compared to 60% in 2014.

Since last year shoppers are trying to reduce their consumption of the following components, more so than last year. Shoppers are trying to cut down on fat, 63% (2015) compared to 40% (2014), sugar 58% (2015) compared to 41% (2014) and salt, 54% (2015) compared to 35% (2014). However, 28% of shoppers said that they eat whatever they want.  When asked about alcohol, 33% of shoppers said they are trying to reduce their alcohol intake.

“Interestingly less people think that healthy foods are more expensive than other products. The reduction in this barrier should have a great impact on the health of the nation” said Craig Bradley, managing director at Evolution Insights.