GS1 UK and Nielsen Brandbank collaborate to revolutionise product data


GS1 UK and Nielsen Brandbank have signed a collaboration agreement, increasing the standardisation of product data to deliver supply-chain efficiencies and improve the service for members and clients.

This will answer the call from the Retail Grocery Advisory Board for more accurate, reliable and standardised handling of B2B and B2C product data driving efficiencies for both retailers and manufacturers.

Focussed on the UK grocery sector, the collaboration signals the continued expansion of GS1 UK’s productDNA service, launched in 2018, to enable the sharing of B2B and B2C product data, and promote adoption of the platform to improve product data quality and reduce complexity and costs.

It also recognises the significant contribution made by Nielsen Brandbank over the last 22 years to power the UK grocery ecommerce sector to become one of the world leaders in digital product content. This further highlights Nielsen Brandbank’s commitment to global standards and collaboration with GS1 member organisations.

When converting the widespread use of productDNA into measurable results, similar systems implemented by companies overseas have allowed them to increase their sales figures by up to 3 percent.

GS1 UK and Nielsen Brandbank look forward to sharing with their members and clients how this will benefit them.

Anne Godfrey, chief executive of GS1 UK, said: “During these unprecedented times, it is now more important than ever for us to be providing increased support to retailers and suppliers to stabilise trade in the UK.

“Promoting industry’s use of our standardised platform, productDNA, will help to reduce the costs and errors that can arise with B2B and B2C product data. We are confident that our collaboration with Nielsen Brandbank will bring tangible benefits to businesses across the UK.”

Mike Nickituk, global managing director of Nielsen Brandbank, adds: “The global pandemic has been evidence to why the distribution of accurate and consistent B2B and B2C product data is essential for the UK grocery industry. Nielsen Brandbank plays a cr