GSMA tips top technology trends for next month’s Mobile World Congress

Paul Crutchley, value added services director, digital commerce at the GSMA, highlights the innovations on show at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 2-5 March 2015

“The brands and merchants that stand out this year will focus on providing consumers with a great mobile adapted experience that facilitates engagement prior to and during  shopping, through to purchase.

“They will also have a greater emphasis on the consumer context and ensure they have the technology and analytics in place to know their customer better; presenting offers and information in the right way and at the right time and place will only further entice their customers to step over the line and make purchases.

“Furthermore, for mobile commerce to reach its full potential collaboration and interoperability  is essential. It can’t just be about businesses operating independently of one another – this will only serve to further fragment the market as well as products and strategy.

“While there are a number of demos that stand out at Mobile World Congress 2015, Chungwa Telecom’s Pay & Redeem demo and the collaborative venture between Italy’s four main operators illustrate the direction the industry needs to move toward – where collaboration provides a wealth of benefits to consumers. Who wouldn’t want an easier way to travel, pay for restaurants or receive and use coupons to purchase items from their favourite brands?”

A few key demos at Mobile World Congress 2015 include:

Interoperable Mobile Couponing in Italy

This demo is a collaborative venture between Italy’s four main operators, service provider Konvergence, and retailers Bennett and Pam Panorama. The demo will showcase a mobile payment solution that incorporates loyalty and couponing through mobile handsets. Mobile couponing is a key part of the mobile wallet, which stores digital versions of loyalty and payment cards on your smart phone. Expanding the mobile wallet to coupons, tickets, and other items normally found in a physical wallet is a crucial trend for mobile commerce going forward.

Chunghwa Telecom’s Pay & Redeem

Another wallet solution, Chunghwa Telecom’s demo is a one-tap mobile point-of-sale service for people travelling to Taiwan. The demo uses cross-border NFC systems to allow passengers to download a contactless transport card, e-ticket, and coupon directly into their SIM card. When travelling abroad, it’s even more important that you have all your documents and cards safe in one place. The demo is an ambitious example of collaboration going even further – across borders!


Tapit is a commercial venture between Swisscom, Sunrise and Orange, in collaboration with Visa and Mastercard. The service has been live with two banks since 2014, and will be showcased at Mobile World Congress through a shop kiosk where attendees can purchase items using Tapit mobile point-of-sale, as well as a NFC bike share scheme where keys are shared via Tapit. These demos show how important it is for a unified experience for consumers when using NFC services, across all their payment providers. This unified experience will be highly influential for mobile commerce services in 2015.”