Gumtree research reveals display ads inform purchase decisions 12 months later for nearly two-thirds of recommerce platform users

Online classifieds advertising and recommerce platform, Gumtree, has released new research highlighting the role platforms play in purchase decision-making for consumers. 

The new findings have shown that 74% of recommerce sites users sell items on these platforms to help pay for future new purchases. While 80% of users rely on recommerce platforms to help them benchmark the cost of buying an item brand new.

According to the research of 1,500 active recommerce platform users, conducted on behalf of Gumtree by Insight Advantage, a startling three-fifths  (61%) of users – rising to 71% of Gumtree-specific users – claim that the display adverts they see on these sites inspire their purchase decisions as much as a year later – indicating that display has an important role to play in this environment where buyers are more in market and more likely to be going through a lifestage moment, inspiring future choices. 

Furthermore, 75% of those surveyed commented that information about offers and discounts shown via display advertising on these site helps inform their decision-making, while 74% said that they find display helpful to understand what alternatives might be available. 

The research delved into what Gumtree has coined the “sticky-switchy” audience, resale site users who are ready to buy, but aren’t sure if they want new or second-hand. The findings aim to help the recommerce platform better understand what motivates users and what might influence them to switch to a new item, particularly for bigger ticket items like laptops and sofas. 

It seems recommerce sites are in fact the first port of call for active users, with 67% referring to these platforms as part of any new product purchase journey. A further 68% agreed that researching brands and products on these platforms enables them to decide if they’d prefer to buy an item used or new. Notably, when it comes to tech purchases, despite checking online platforms more than half (59%) of users prefer to buy new, and more generally the vast majority (83%) said that they’re open to buying a tech item new (even if that wasn’t necessarily their first preference).  

Nav Dhillon, head of Aadvertising at Gumtree UK, commented: “Our research provides a real insight into how people are using resale sites as part of their purchase journey. We already knew that Gumtree users, in particular, came to us at specific life stages but the research has demonstrated that there is a rich ecosystem at play with users benefiting from the interplay of branded content, display advertising and the items that they’re browsing.

“By definition, recommerce platforms are about choice and abundance and having adverts for new, from trusted brands, and second-hand in one place provides consumers with the ultimate choice. At a time when brands are questioning how best to target in-market buyers, the research clearly shows that users, who are already in an environment that is about advertising, are more open to seeing content and adverts from brands they know and love with display influencing purchase choices as much as a year later. Indeed, display is an expected part of the resale site experience. That is a clear signal for advertisers that display still has a major role to play in the post-cookie era.”