Guppyfriend: there are t-shirts in our tuna 



When we wash synthetic garments, tiny plastic fibres are released into the washing machine, which then find their way into the world’s oceans and waterways. It is estimated that trillions of these plastic fibres are released and will take centuries to decompose; they also accumulate bacteria and pollutants that destroy marine life and cause havoc on our delicate natural eco-systems.

Now there is a solution to this ever-growing worldwide problem: introducing the innovative and environmentally-friendly Guppyfriend Washing Bag, from the non-profit organisation STOP! Micro Waste, which is now available from (£25), a website that curates the world’s best and longest lasting sustainable products available on the market.

The Guppyfriend reduces fibre loss during washing in two ways:

  1. It significantly reduces the amount of fibres that break away from your clothes.
  2. The fibres that do break away are captured inside the washing bag.

The single compartment Guppyfriend washing bag is made from 100% polyamide and can be fully recycled. The interior of the bag is woven very finely to create a smooth surface, which prevents clothes from pilling as it is tossed around the washing machine. Clothes washed in the Guppyfriend undergo less mechanical stress and friction with other clothes, increasing the lifetime of your garments and helping save the environment.

STOP! Micro Waste has also published a washing guide to reduce microplastic fibres in our environment:

10 For The Ocean – the washing guide for a plastic free nature

In 10 easy steps, you can change your washing habits and turn your washing machine from an eco-crime scene to truly green:

Tara Button CEO & founder of BuyMeOnce commented: “We are delighted to be stockists of The Guppyfriend washing bag as it is a product which is totally aligned with the ‘BuyMeOnce’ ethos. From assisting with increasing the life of clothing garments so that they last longer whilst at the same time protecting the environment with its proven technology for preventing microplastics from entering the world’s oceans and waterways.”

Alex Nolte from Guppyfriend commented: “Tiny plastic pieces from our synthetic clothes are found in the ice of the artic and the remotest parts of the deep sea. The Guppyfriend washing bag is a first proven solution to prevent microplastics from entering rivers and oceans. However, it is a stopgap and there is much more industry and customers need to do to keep harmful microplastics out of nature and our food chain“.