Häagen Dazs launches new mini-cups collection to UK market


Iconic ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs has announced it is launching a mini-cups collection in the UK. In an industry-first, the brand has taken a ‘flavour approach’ to the range, with variants including Caramel Collection (including new flavour Speculoos Caramel Biscuit & Cream), and Fruit Collection (including new flavour Blueberries & Cream) with an updated Vanilla Collection The minicup range also includes the first sorbet category launch by the brand in the UK with mango and raspberry flavours under the Sorbet Collection, with the full range of four SKUs now available in stores.

In line with the exceptional quality and flavour credentials of the wider range, the mango sorbet is made with a variety of fleshy, sweet mangoes which are famous across southern India and handpicked in summer to ensure the perfect texture and taste. Meanwhile the raspberry sorbet uses fruit from Europe and Latin America blended with a squeeze of lemon to create a balanced and delicate natural fruit flavour. Both varieties have been carefully formulated to create a smooth sorbet with an intensely bold flavour. Each of the four new and rebranded collections includes four mini-cups and an RRP of £4.00.

Already one of the fastest-growing ice cream brands of 2016 (see below), the extension of the mini-cups range is a strategic move from brand owner General Mills. The format taps into consumer demand for packs that offer variety around one flavour camp, as well as providing an easy option for consumers wanting to discover new flavours. Additionally, the mini-cup format is an ideal and convenient option for those in single-person households or those with less freezer storage available

Arjoon Bose, UK and Northern Europe marketing lead for Häagen-Dazs, said: “We took inspiration from our French business where the comparable mini-cups range is extremely successful and almost as big as the tubs business there. This is credited to the fact that they target a different consumer need and the shopper occasion of ‘experience openers’. We handpicked the flavour camps and specific variants within each collection with a UK consumer lens and also introduced our exciting range of sorbets to drive a lighter ‘refreshment’ option for summer. We believe our range of flavour collections provides a distinct opportunity for retailers to drive incremental sales in luxury ice cream and bring in new shoppers in terms of both trial and repertoire.”

The new and refreshed multipack collections will join the complete Häagen-Dazs portfolio of indulgent, top-tier pint tubs and stick bars that fulfil consumer demand for on-trend flavours that deliver a luxurious taste and textural experience. The brand’s ice cream is created with excellent quality ingredients always made with real milk, fresh cream and free range eggs and contains little air, offering consumers a rich taste experience.

  • Haagen Dazs was one of the fastest-growing ice cream brands of 2016 (both in value and unit sales). The brand saw value growth of +11.8%, outpacing the Luxury Ice Cream category (+4.1%) growing three times faster, as well as growing four and a half times faster than total Ice Cream (+2.6%) * Nielsen MAT 31st December 2016
  • Haagen Dazs was voted among the UK’s Top 20 Consumers Super Brands in 2016 and 2015